2014 - Collier Area Transit

This entry consists of Interior Bus Cards developed to encourage the sale of monthly bus passes to frequent users of the system. The promotion was initiated as a cost and time saver for the public.

2011 - LYNX

Target Audience: LYNX riders Project Cost: $2500 Description: It can be difficult to catch people’s attention inside the bus, but this design certainly did. LYNX received multiple emails from riders pointing out how the shape and swirling action of the beachcomber hat reminded them of the swirling shape of a hurricane. We’ve had a light hurricane season so far, but there is no doubt the “Swirling Hat” design got the message across. LYNX Customer Service department says there have been only two calls in July and August asking what LYNX buses will do in case of a hurricane. Normally we filed that question three-to-four times a week this time of year.

2011 - Bay Town Trolley

Target Audience: Panama City Beach tourists and resident riders Project Cost: $40 Description: Bay Town Trolley secured grant funding for a summer route along Panama City Beach. Running from July 1 – Sep 5, 2011, this route would provide free rides to tourists and/or local residents. The service would be “flag down”, meaning that riders could board anywhere along the route with a simple hand wave/gesture. The ultimate goal was to make beach-goers aware of the service, and garner ridership comparable to other system-wide trolley routes. Once a rider hopped onboard, the team felt it was important to provide a route map with points of interest. As such, we worked with the Panama City Visitors Center to identify appropriate businesses, restaurants, entertainment, and shops along the route. This not only provided a visual point of reference for the rider – but would educate on additional attractions in the area. As a result, businesses reported an increase in foot traffic during the months that the Beach Bus ran.

2010 - RTS Gainesville

2009 - Citrus Connection

*Best of the Best* Target Audience: All Transit Riders Project Cost: $275 Description: The purpose of the interior ad card was to present a lighthearted approach to a very serious and sincere subject. Citrus Connection wanted their riders, while sharing a bus ride with many people very different from them, to understand that our differences make us unique but should never be construed as something to fear or ridicule. The message is meant to provide a simple reminder to respect each other. Numerous riders applauded our effort and based on behavior on our buses some have taken the suggestion to heart. The outreach was to encourage mutual respect among our riders.

2008 - Sarasota County Area Transit

Target Audience: Sarasota County Library patrons Project Cost: $3000 Description: SCAT partnered with the Sarasota County Library system for a National Library Week Read and Ride program. The signs were posted in all SCAT buses, and bus riders who visited one of the Sarasota County Libraries were given two free one-way trip tickets. SCAT distributed 3,000 tickets and all but a few were presented for rides in SCAT buses through the end of May 2008.

2008 - Citrus Connection

* Best of the Best * Target Audience: All riders Project Cost: $350 (creative and production) Description: The purpose was to draw attention to the items left on the bus. A marked reduction hasn't been seen but we feel the humorous representation brings the problem to the attention of the riders.

2007 - Bay Town Trolley

Target Audience: Trolley riders Project Cost: $250 Description: Bay Town Trolley was in need of more drivers. To raise awareness they created an interior advertising panel for inside each trolley. Since the ads were placed, they have received a 50 percent increase in phone inquiries about the position.

2006 - Broward County Transit

Target Audience: Teens & Tweens (ages 10-18 years old) Project Cost: $4200 Description: Broward County Transit partnered with the Broward County Library Division on this project. It is part of BCT’s ongoing campaign to enhance awareness of public transportation to youth. These interior bus placards were reprints of the winning poetry and artwork entries from local middle and high school students through the Art & Poetry in Transit project.

2006 - Manatee County Area Transit

Target Audience: Anna Maria Island visitors riding MCAT Island Trolleys Project Cost: $1465 Description: With the desire to expand Anna Maria Island visitor use of MCAT beyond the Manatee Trolley, which serves only Anna Maria Island, this trolley interior was designed to encourage use of the regular fixed route system for tourism activities. The item was designed as an easy pocket guide, emphasizing the destination as well as travel time. MCAT Trolley drivers identified an increase in Trolley rider requests for additional mainland tourism information as well as transit information to get to those destinations at 15% above requests made prior to MCAT initiating the Day Trip interior cards.