2019 - LYNX

*Judge's Favorite* Take the Stairs campaign was developed to encourage LYNX employees to become more active and consider taking the stairs. Employees reported to the LYNX Wellness Coordinator that they incorporated using the stairs in their daily routine as a result of the campaign.

2019 - LeeTran

LeeTran created the Junior Bus Operator Manual in an effort to meet a need in their community. Children learn best through the use of characters, colors and gamification. The activity book is loaded with important and educational information about transit and it is packaged in a way that children can consume and retain it.

2019 - Tindale Oliver

The 2018 FPTA Annual Conference theme, "Transit through the Decades," was the focus of the newsletter and used to highlight two of the biggest service areas and how they have grown over time (i.e., through the decades). The services highlighted in the newsletter include transit-related training programs and Transit Development Plans (TDPs). A display of Florida transit "through the decades" was used to illustrate when Tindale Oliver's Florida transit agency clients began operating. Conference attendees loved the display and were very interested to see where their system fell within the overall history of transit in Florida.

2018 - HART

Hurricane Irma provided HART with an excellent opportunity to showcase what it can do – including how well it was prepared to deal with the storm. HART leadership created a case study that showcased the vital role that the Authority played during Hurricane Irma. The purpose of the case study was to share the Authority’s experience and lessons learned throughout the ordeal with the transit industry and the Tampa Bay community.

2018 - LeeTran

LeeTran’s employee newsletter, Dispatch, has a fresh, bright new look. The publication focuses on spotlighting employee’s hard work. And, it is now offered in both digital and print formats. The hope is more employees will opt-in for a digital newsletter, which will help reduce publication costs. Nearly 300 copies were distributed.

2017 - Jacksonville Transportation Authority

In 2016, JTA realized an unprecedented amount of success. Those efforts were showcased in the Authority's Annual Report to stakeholders, titled the “Year of Awesome.” The uniquely designed report highlights key JTA accomplishments, partnerships, community involvement, and local, state and national awards.

2017 - Pasco County Public Transportation

PCPT started a Facebook campaign and asked people to tell us about their favorite driver. After seeing the response they decided to do a contest among drivers to see who received the most comments cards. PCPT staff hit the buses asking people to fill out cards and tell us about their favorite driver. They received over 100 comment cards, several letters, many calls and tremendous engagement on Facebook.

2017 - Okaloosa-Walton TPO

EC Rider needed a new brand after the system announced the shift from its previous name, Okaloosa County Transit. An upgraded brand was developed to showcase area features and connect the system with the local TDC. EC Rider’s new mark was successfully integrated into their new website, ride guide, and bus signage.

2016 - LYNX

LYNX collaborated with several agencies to successfully manage public bus transportation in Central Florida immediately following the Pulse tragedy. Our agency responded with detours, temporary stops, signage, social media posts and more. We also staffed bilingual representatives at the family assistance center and provided 1,180 free rides to the vigil.

2016 - Space Coast Area Transit

Space Coast Area Transit and its marketing partners act as technical advisors for a newly formed not-for-profit group, Transit One, a Council for Transit Advocacy. Free of charge, their marketing partners contributed a log, electronic letterhead, website, Facebook page, t-shirts, billboards, transit panels and media relations. Many of the riders who need Space Coast Area Transit’s services the most have the least ability to influence the decisions made by community leaders. Transit One is that voice.

2015 - LYNX

LYNX formed a unique partnership with Orlando City Soccer Club to encourage supporters to use public transportation on game day. The agency pushes transit information on web, social media, terminal, buses and kiosks including free game day connection service and detours. LYNX also posts ticket giveaways/videos on its social channels.

2015 - Space Coast Area Transit

Bus operator Art Churchill hopped on his Harley and headed to the Space Coast Area Transit terminal on his day off to fill in for a fellow driver who called in sick. Several minutes later, a car swerved into his lane, killing him upon impact. Instead of focusing on the tragedy, Space Coast Area Transit employees dedicated their time and resources to create a high profile motorcycle safety campaign in Churchill’s name. From 2014 to 2015, Motorcycle accidents in Brevard were reduced by 26.8%, insuring Churchill’s life was not lost in vein.

2014 - LYNX

LYNX recently expanded its existing bus rapid transit service, LYMMO, in downtown Orlando. The agency created a comprehensive campaign to roll out the rebranding and expansion of service. A citrus theme was developed with a new “locally grown” theme. This included new creative, educational and outreach materials, maps, schedules, etc.

2014 - RTS Gainesville

Two brochures (in English and Spanish) were created, and a video viewable on Facebook, the RTS website and the local public access TV channel. Operators have reported better patron behavior on all routes.

2012 - RTS Gainesville

Target Audience: Current RTS riders Project Cost: $1,834.25 Description: RTS wanted a fresh, new look for four of its specialized services: Gator Aider, a shuttle service to UF football games; Later Gator, late night city service; Gator Locator, a real-time bus tracking system and Goodnight Gator, late night campus service. Four unique logos were developed, however they all contained a cohesive, unified look to maintain brand consistency. The logos were placed on the RTS website and 113 interior bus cards were printed and installed. The new, eye-catching logos have increased rider awareness of these RTS specialized services.

2012 - St. Lucie BOCC

2011 - PSTA

Target Audience: Residents, tourists and local stakeholders Project Cost: $7,550 Description: This new trolley route was introduced to provide service to the communities involved to spur development. During the kickoff event, attendees boarded one of two trolleys, and visited restaurants or pubs along the route. Press releases heralded the route, promotional announcements were placed in county utility bills, the service was mentioned several times on PSTA’s social media accounts, and five full back bus ads were installed on equipment operating in the area. Original ridership projections called for 15,000 passengers to board in the first year (from mid-November to mid-November). Based on positive community response, this projection was quickly revised to 30,000.

2011 - RTS Gainesville

Target Audience: City of Gainesville Residents Project Cost: $5,251 Description: RTS purchased a new hybrid Ford Escape SUV for use as an operator relief vehicle. To raise awareness about RTS’ dedication to the environment, a dynamic and eye-catching vehicle wrap was designed. As it travels around town, residents immediately recognize the RTS brand, but also see how they are helping to “Green the Gator Nation”. This tagline also ties into the University of Florida’s “Gator Nation” brand which is immediately recognized by residents in the area. In addition, the back panel was used to promote RTS’ advertising opportunities, which has helped contribute to a new ad sales revenue record of $235,000.

2010 - Miami-Dade Transit

Target Audience: Miami Beach residents and visitors Project Cost: $300 Description: On Dec 13, 2009, Miami-Dade Transit introduced the federally funded Airport Flyer bus route, which provides express service between Miami International Airport and Miami Beach, with an intermediate stop at Metrorail. A billboard at Alton Road and 5th Street in Miami Beach promotes the route as an inexpensive way to get to the Airport by suggesting travelers "save your money for a pina colada." The billboard also includes a map of Miami Beach showing connecting bus routes, as well as information about the Google transit trip planner. The Airport Flyer experience more than 800 boardings its first day of service. This record high ridership for a brand new route proved MDT's marketing campaign was highly successful in getting the message out about the new route, which meets a very important need for the million of visitors, residents and commuters who travel to and from Miami every year.

2010 - SFRTA/Tri-Rail

Target Audience: Employer Discount Program members Project Cost: $3,000 Description: Tri-Rail's Employer Discount Program members account for the majority of Tri-Rail's ridership, and therefore, it is important to keep these members informed and engaged. With nearly 7,000 members enrolled in the EDP, the challenge has been to enroll these members in the EDP each year to help them continue to save 25% on their daily commute and continue to increase Tri-Rail's ridership. Tri-Rail created a membership renewal effort, with email blasts and postcards sent to EDP members to remind them of their renewal date. An initial reminder was sent 30 days leading up to the renewal, and a follow-up reminder was sent immediately following the date of expiration. As a result of this effort, Tri-Rail's EDP renewal numbered 1,800 members in a 10-month time frame.

2008 - Sarasota County Area Trnait

Target Audience: Transit agencies within Florida and citizens Project Cost: $0 Description: After Mr. Beckford became General Manager of SCAT, he met with the Board of Commissioners and began a direction of bringing the SCAT transit system in alignment with the strong Sustainability and Green Initiatives that Sarasota County has led with. With the initial purchase of hybrid electric/diesel BRT-style buses, 25% of the Vehicles in Maximum Service for SCAT Fixed Route were the hybrid buses. SCAT, with the backing of the citizens and the Board, continues to procure hybrid vehicles for integration into its fleet. One of the SCAT buses, pictured in front of the historic Venice Train Station (which SCAT restored), was chosen for the brochure cover and print items for the topic of the FPTA/CUTR/FDOT “Greening of Transit” Conference held in June 2008.

2008 - Santa Rosa Transit Project

Target Audience: Santa Rosa County Residents and County Officials Project Cost: $1,335 Description: A campaign was developed to assist in a transit feasibility study for Santa Rosa County. The tagline of the campaign was “What Moves You? Express Yourself.” Based on SRC’s population, an advocacy group was created and identified as the primary target for an electronic email campaign (e-blasts), which educated people to participate in the survey. As a result of 7 e-blasts over the course of 3 months, 889 people took the survey, of which 588 completed it using the online component. This was far and above the goal of the project.