2019 - LYNX

The strategy behind the promotion was to send riders hunting in the service area for LYNX branded pumpkins and exchange them for bus passes. 50 pumpkins we scattered throughout the 4,300 LYNX bus stops. Each pumpkin returned earned riders an All-Day bus pass. All winners were then entered into a raffle to win one of two 30-Day bus passes valued at $50 each. The numbers reflect double the impressions and triple the reach compared to a non-contest week with 30K daily impressions and 18K daily total daily reach.

2016 - LYNX

*Best of the Best* The goal of the Fishing Frenzy was to show customer appreciation and increase engagement on social media. We achieved this by sending our customers on a hunt throughout Central Florida to find 100 pink fish, each worth an All-Day pass. We also had a drawing for ten 30-Day bus passes.

2016 - Sarasota County Area Transit

Jumping on the Pokemon frenzy, SCAT personnel discovered one of their drivers outside catching Pokemon. They placed photos and alerted riders that there are Pokemon at their location. They encouraged riders to hop on our buses to locate their Pokemon. The communication reached nearly 1,300 riders.

2015 - LYNX

The goal of the Golden Ticket Giveaway was to show customer appreciation, increase our fan base and engagement on social media. We achieved this by sending our customers on a game of clues throughout Central Florida, giving away 21 30-Day bus passes throughout December.

2015 - Okaloosa County Transit

Okaloosa County Transit wanted to boost their Facebook impressions and engagement in a way that would garner positive community-wide support. The system developed a Facebook contest that enabled participants to nominate a veteran to win a one-year OCT pass, which resulted in a 519% increase in impressions during the campaign.

2014 - Broward County Transit

BCT’s Facebook page provides two-way communication with riders and non-riders. To increase creativity, interest, viewing and ‘likes’, staff added “Transit Tuesdays” and “Flashback Fridays” postings, in addition to general post messages throughout the week. The Facebook page has been successful with ‘likes’ increasing by 11.6 percent.

2014 - Okaloosa County Transit

Okaloosa County Transit set out to launch their Facebook page in a big way. They created “Art on the Move” – a social media contest which encouraged students to submit artwork online for a chance to have their drawing featured on the bus exterior. The dynamic effort yielded hundreds of entries, thousands of new fans and tons of positive community coverage.

2013 - LYNX

LYNX enhanced its Facebook page to engage riders and media to communicate via the world’s No. 1 online community. The Facebook page provides relevant information for riders and non-riders to explore LYNX transportation options especially during emergency situations.

2013 - Space Coast Area Transit

The Bus-4-Life Game App was created in part for presentations to youth. By replacing coloring books and crayons with a game app, the popularity of our youth transit training program has dramatically increased, averaging 32 calls per month. The age range of our youth presentations has expanded from age 5 to age 18. Themes included: less gas stations and more green space, reducing the number of cars on the road, and, the high level of skill required to be a Space Coast Area Transit vehicle operator. Users of the App have rated it an average score of 4.3 out of 5 on the APP store. Users have enjoyed viewing an animated transit music video with songs from our latest TV commercials as a reward for beating each level. Game on!

2012 - HART

Target Audience: TECO Line Streetcar riders, potential riders, local businesses along the line Project Cost: $10 monthly cost, otherwise supported through prize donations. Description: Friday Fan Photo is a weekly Facebook campaign where anyone can submit photos of TECO Line Streetcars in use to become the new Facebook cover photo for the week. To maintain the weekly winner’s engagement throughout the rest of the month, they are entered into a monthly drawing for a “night along the line” which includes movie theater tickets, a restaurant certificate and of course, streetcar passes. All of these items were donated at no cost to HART (minus the streetcar passes). Since kicking off the promotion in June, The TECO Line Streetcar Facebook page has seen a 133% increase in “likes”. Daily engagement on the page has also increased 779% during the same time frame. Engagement on the posts helps to organically promote the page, as the interaction (like, comment, or share) appears to friends of those who “like” us. In the first three months since the promotion’s inception, more than 50 photos have been uploaded to the TECO Line Streetcar Facebook page. These photos can also then be used for marketing collateral.

2011 - Jacksonville Transit Authority

Target Audience: Existing riders using Facebook Project Cost: minimal cost, work done in-house. Description: The Jacksonville Transportation Authority’s site was launched in August 2010 and skyrocketed to more than 800 fans in 12 months. They are averaging 20+ new fans per week.

2010 - PSTA

Target Audience: Business Leaders, local politicians and government staffers Project Cost: $1,100 Description: Three local Chambers of Commerce sponsored a Transit Summit about Transit Oriented Development hosted by Karen Seel, Chairman of the Pinellas County Board of County Commissioners and coordinated by PSTA. PSTA worked with Paradise Advertising to develop a viral video encouraging people to attend the event. The video was posted on PSTA’s website as well as the Tampa Bay Business Journal’s website and shown at their Community Conversation on Transit event. Over 400 people viewed the video, and the Summit was well attended.

2010 - Space Coast Area Transit

*Best of the Best* Target Audience: College students on Facebook and Twitter Project Cost: $0 Description: Social networking – specifically on Facebook and Twitter – has been a great tool in reaching college students, who primarily communicate and receive their news through social media versus traditional media outlets. There was no cost for set-up or to use real-time communication on an ongoing basis. By using FBML, Space Coast was able to turn their Facebook account into a mini website by creating tabs for route maps both in English and Spanish, and view Vanpool and Park & Ride information. Because Brevard Community College (BCC) pays us to let their students ride for free based on usage, increasing the amount of BCC students that ride the bus by increasing communication with them is very important to Space Coast Area Transit. In FY 09/10, over 94,000 BCC students rode transit, an increase of 56% from the prior FY.