The “Green” Transit Communications Resource Package contains facts, narrative and graphical tools with relevance to local and statewide transit interests.  The communications materials contained within the package are directed toward policy makers and stakeholders, addressing issues that are of importance to those groups.  Themes of attainment of air quality standards, the State of Florida’s Climate Action Plan and green jobs are improved through public transportation investment.

There are three main products in this package: a customizable powerpoint presentation, a technical report, and the communication materials.

The customizable powerpoint presentation has ready to go facts, graphics and narrative highlighting the benefits associated with public transportation, energy & the environment.  Slides also have space for inserting a transit agency’s own efforts and success stories in this area.

The technical report identifies national resources within the public transportation field as well as relevant energy and environmental resources that pertain to public transportation’s role and benefits toward addressing solutions. It includes analysis of current public transportation programs, campaigns and Green activities of agencies throughout the state.

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