The Spotlight On… feature gives Florida Transit Marketing Professionals an opportunity to tell their story as well as learn more about their fellow marketeers. For each newsletter, a different transit marketing professional will be the focus of the spotlight and the article will also be posted here on the website.

Spotlight On...

Sep 2016Kendra Keiderling, SCAT
Sep 2015Sandra Morrison, HART
Sep 2014Paul Simmons, FDOT, D1
Mar 2014Bobbie Crichton, MDT
Aug 2013Frank Wyszynski, HART
Apr 2013Cyndi Raskin-Schmitt, PSTA
Sep 2012Tonya Ellis, ECAT
Feb 2012Steve Rosenstock, HART
Sep 2011Christine Diaz, FDOT District One Commuter Services
Mar 2011Jill Cappadoro, QCA
Jul 2010Chip Skinner, RTS
Apr 2010Terry Parks, PSTA
Aug 2009Doris Williams, BCT
Apr 2009Kelly Robertson, Kidd Group
Jul 2008Cathy Wolosin, LAMTD
Mar 2008Peggy Gies, LYNX
May 2007Bonnie Arnold, SFRTA
Nov 2006Lili Agee, Palm Tran
May 2006"T" Harrison, RTS
Jan 2006Randall Beckwith, MCAT