Marketing Manager, Citrus Connection (Lakeland Mass Transit District)

BIRTHPLACE: Brooklyn New York
EDUCATION: 2 year marketing degree from Polk Community College (earned long after I was out of high school).

YEARS WORKING WITH CITRUS CONNECTION: 2 Years – my only transit home.

PROFESSIONAL HISTORY: A life time (about 24 years) working as a Marketing and Program Director for a cable television company.

BIGGEST SURPRISE IN MARKETING TRANSIT:We’re not competing with  each other—we share our information—that’s a major change with my past career.  What a nice surprise!

BIGGEST CHALLENGE IN MARKETING TRANSIT: Luring choice riders out of their cars on to the bus.

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT:Florida Public Relations Assn. Dick Pope Polk Co. Chapter, Imperial Polk Advertising Federation, American Business Women’s Assn. Hollingsworth Chapter

PERSONAL BACKGROUND (family, pets, hobbies, pastimes, etc): Married 42 years—same number of years as the Super Bowl has been around.  Two grown children and three grand children (also almost grown)– all living in Lakeland.  My best fun is antiquing, fishing (even if I’m not catching) and spending time with friends and family.

CHILDHOOD AMBITION:To play the drums, but my parents didn’t appreciate my musical inclination.

FAVORITE BOOK: Any good biography written about someone with a sense of humor
FAVORITE COLOR: To paint a wall, soft green.  To look at and enjoy, sky blue pink.
FAVORITE CANDY: Godiva Chocolate

MOTTO: If it works out, then it was meant to be.