Communications and Customer Relations Administrator

BIRTHPLACE: Brooklyn, New York
EDUCATION: B.A. Sociology/Social Sciences; Masters Degree Certificate Program in Public Administration

YEARS WORKING WITH BROWARD COUNTY: Celebrating 24 years – September 2009

PROFESSIONAL HISTORY: Started my career in the Queens County, N.Y. district attorney’s office but fiscal layoffs forced me into the magazine publishing and advertising industry, with TV Guide and Travel & Leisure magazines. Moved from New York to Broward County, and since then, I’ve been a marketing, advertising and public relations professional here for almost 25 years. I joined Broward County government, first in transportation, then onto the library system, followed by the conventions and visitors bureau, and now back to transportation. I guess you can say I’ve come ‘full circle’ when it comes to transit, and I’m pleased with that!

BIGGEST SURPRISE IN MARKETING TRANSIT: That it took too long (and then some) for most of the transit administrators and planners to realize that, “Not true, that if you run them (buses) they (passengers) will come! Marketing and public relations has always had an important role in transit!”


COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: Everything from senior event planning and MLK parade committees, volunteering my PR skills, to memberships in professional organizations.

PERSONAL BACKGROUND (family, pets, hobbies, pastimes, etc): So very proud of my two adult children. My handsome son, Esau, is a Senior Juvenile Probation Officer with Florida’s Dept. of Juvenile Justice. My lovely daughter, Ikeda, recently graduated from Kennesaw State University, GA, and landed a super job in her field of study – Behavioral Data Analyst working with autistic children. Jazz concerts and dancing are my favorite pastimes. And, I totally enjoy my family reunions in N.C. – get to see my other 5 adult siblings, nieces, nephews, cousins, the elders…

CHILDHOOD AMBITION: The legal system and helping adolescents less fortunate who, for various reasons, end up taking the wrong path to nowhere. That’s the main reason why I studied social sciences in college. And, I was fortunate enough to land my first job working in the D.A.’s intake and adjudication section. Never thought I could solve the world’s problems – just be a small part of some of the solutions.

INSPIRATION: To write a book; and when retired, to join the senior-citizen arm of the Peace Corps and travel oversees to lend my professional expertise wherever I’m needed.

FAVORITE BOOK: “Roots”, by Alex Haley.
FAVORITE CANDY: Anything with pecans.

ANY OTHER RESPONSE/QUESTION THAT YOU’D LIKE TO RESPOND TO: Yes. Ask me if I had to do it over again, what would be different. I would respond: “I’d do it all over again, only the next time, knowing what I know now”! (smile)