Senior Account Manager, Kidd Public Relations

BIRTHPLACE: Alabama (Thank goodness I’ve lost that accent)
EDUCATION: Florida State University degree in Communication (My blood runs garnet and gold)

YEARS WORKING IN TRANSIT INDUSTRY: 5 years (and a multitude of transit systems in FL)
YEARS WORKING WITH The Kidd Group: 5 years

PROFESSIONAL HISTORY: Marketing and public relations experience in a variety of industries: government, financial, real estate and transportation.

BIGGEST CHALLENGE IN MARKETING TRANSIT:Getting transit systems to take the next step into unfamiliar territory: the world of social media. This is an important step toward reaching a new generation and slowly beginning to alter the “negative stereotype” associated with mass transit.

BIGGEST SURPRISE IN MARKETING TRANSIT:There are endless opportunities for increased exposure through community partnerships, ridership reports, transit trends and more.

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: Florida Public Relations Association, Tallahassee Network of Young Professionals, Local non-profits

PERSONAL BACKGROUND (family, pets, hobbies, pastimes, etc): I play a mean guitar, spoil my oversized beagle and can’t function without my first cup of coffee.

CHILDHOOD AMBITION: Famous country singer (Don’t count me out yet!)
INSPIRATION: Optimism. “Sometimes things have to be believed to be seen.”

FAVORITE CANDY: Chocolate please!