Palm Tran Marketing and Communications Manager

BIRTHPLACE: Quebec, Canada
EDUCATION:Master of Science Degree from Palm Beach Atlantic University. Major in Organizational Leadership. Concentrations in Communications, Management and H.R.


PROFESSIONAL HISTORY: For the past thirteen years I have been employed at Palm Tran. I started as a marketing assistant in a brand new department. As the years went by, I had the opportunity to experience all of the various positions in the department, from graphic designer to customer service representative (and everything in between.) I am also an adjunct professor at Palm Beach Atlantic University, teaching courses on Marketing, Management, Leadership and Communication. Before entering the world of Public Transit, I was a biographical assistant to a high profile autobiographer. For the past three years I have had the pleasure of representing NTI as a “Fellow” speaking to other agencies on the importance of goal setting within the transit industry. I am an American Public Transportation Association Hall of Fame Scholarship recipient and Board Member for Kieser College.

BIGGEST SURPRISES IN MARKETING TRANSIT: NOTHING REMAINS THE SAME! We are constantly being challenged on a daily basis at a very fast pace. This is partially due to the fact that transit is always on the move (no pun intended) and changing. As October of 2006, Palm Tran’s ridership increased 12% and our ridership is now at 9.3m. The constant changes are a result of local communities and the general public’s need for public transit. Is this a good thing? Absolutely. Does it come with it’s challenges and surprises? Absolutely!

BIGGEST CHALLENGE IN MARKETING TRANSIT: Besides having to deal with our “surprises,” we are also faced with the challenges of attracting new riders and keeping our current riders satisfied. The challenge is meeting the needs of our riders with a limited amount of funding. Palm Tran’s marketing department can come up with an array of great programs, successful grants and a strong outreach plan, but if we do not have the resources (funding, buses and drivers) then keeping our promises to the public becomes a true challenge. The public does not fully understand what goes into adding on a new route or taking one away. It has a domino effect on the whole system and it is up to Marketing to make sure that the public is aware and fully understands the adjustments. This is one of our biggest and most critical challenges.

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: Palm Tran along with Palm Tran CONNECTION (our paratransit division) take pride in our efforts when it comes to community involvement. We attend as many events as possible. Our community outreach program is extensive and a critical component in delivering quality service. We are involved with the Chamber of Commerce; EPA Clean Air Committee; the South Florida Regional Transportation Authority’s Marketing Committee; Glades Initiative and a myriad of non-profit agencies.

I have two children, a 21 year old daughter and a 17 year old son. My daughter works at a local bank and attends Palm Beach Community College . My son is a Senior in High School and will also be attending Palm Beach Community College . I thirst for knowledge and I am constantly looking for courses that will satisfy that thirst. I have just taken a class in conversational Spanish. South Florida is a melting pot and it is a critical component for me to make an effort in learning about the cultures that surround our communities. My native language is French and I am fluent. My French has also helped me in communicating with our Creole communities. I have a dog by the name of Bentley who is just a bundle of energy.

CHILDHOOD AMBITION: As a child I was always looking for ways that I could help others and make someone smile. Little did I know that bringing a smile to one’s face would be so rewarding and fulfilling. I guess this is why I am in the public sector. I truly enjoy servicing the public and being a servant leader.
INSPIRATION: I get inspired by the needs of others and I am motivated in meeting those needs.

FAVORITE BOOK: I “love” reading books on leadership. “The Servant Leader” by James A. Autry is a great book on the philosophy of leading others and the commitment it takes to inspire the best in others. Robert K. Greenleaf is another favorite author of mine (1904-1990). His definition of servant leadership is, “It begins with the natural feeling that one wants to serve, to serve first. Then conscious choice brings one to aspire to lead.”
FAVORITE QUOTE: When you stop learning you stop growing…
FAVORITE CANDY: Chocolate of course…

Our riders are our priority.  World class customer service is our goal.  Our objectives are to work and support the whole organization as one unit; to design, implement and execute accurate, professional and informational marketing and communication plans.  Personalizing our transit system to the needs of our riders is what moves us in the right direction.  So let’s get moving!