Since it’s inception in 2005, The Florida Transit Marketing Network has surveyed Florida Transit Agencies on various marketing topics in order to provide a resource for other agencies to learn from.  The following topics have been surveyed. Click on the links below to download the survey data in excel format (.xlsx).  For Surveys #8-11, the surveys were designed using SurveyMonkey and the results are saved to a word file (.docx).  For Survey #12 and on, the surveys will be designed using Instant.ly and have a weblink to the results.

  1. Summer Youth Programs (Mar 06)
  2. Attracting Choice Riders (Nov 06)
  3. Multi-Lingual Customer Support (Mar 07)
  4. Holiday Promotions (Feb 08)
  5. Transit Sustainability (Jun 08)
  6. Public Transit Advocacy (Mar 09)
  7. Budget Reductions (Oct 09)
  8. Using Social Media in Marketing Transit (Jun 10)
  9. Other Ways to Generate Revenue for Transit (Mar 11)
  10. General Fare Survey (Aug 11)
  11. Bus Advertising Policies (Mar 12)
  12. Professional Development Activities (Jun 12)
  13. Schedule Information Dissemination Methods (Jan 13)
  14. Dump the Pump 2013 (Aug 13)
  15. Mobility Management (Jul 14)
  16. Career Development in Public Transit Marketing (May 15)
  17. Marketing Mobility Charrette 2015 (Mar 16)
  18. Advertising on Transit Amenities (Oct 16)